Get to know Colonials defenseman Connor Lefkof!

Let’s get to know Danbury Colonials defenseman, Connor “Lefty” Lefkof!

🏒⁣ When and where did you first start playing hockey?
Connor Lefkof: I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old out on my driveway in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA.

🏒What is your fondest hockey memory?
CL: The year before I left home, my team won the championship for our league, and that was my last game in Texas.

🏒What is your ultimate goal for your hockey career?
CL: My ultimate hockey goal is to play Division III college hockey.

🏒Do you have any superstitions to help you on gamedays?
CL: I’m not a big superstition guy, but I always have to stop at Dunkin’ and have my coffee coming into the rink on game day.

🏒Why did you choose to play for the Danbury Colonials?
CL: I chose the Danbury Colonials because I knew that I was playing for a coaching staff that would push me to be the best hockey player I could be, and given all the resources to reach my goals to get to the next level.

🏒What’s the best part about playing in Danbury?
CL: The best part about playing in Danbury is the support from the community. Everyone is so tight-knit and everyone shows support for the hockey here.

🏒What’s your favorite sports team?
CL: Philadelphia Flyers.

🏒What’s your favorite movie?
CL: The Goonies.

🏒Who is your favorite musical artist?
CL: Lil Uzi Vert.

🏒What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
CL: Chocolate chip cookie dough.


Fans can see “Lefty” in action this Saturday at Danbury Arena at 1:30pm as the Colonials take on the Long Beach Sharks.